What is LockMyself.com?

Our online, virtual keyholder service lets you engage in real self chastity through chastity games which define when you will be released.

Each game is fully configurable, so you have complete control over the game before you give it complete control over you.

Our service includes release picture verification by real human beings. This assures that when your chastity game is over, you will have the combination to your lock that will release you from chastity.

Intrigued by chastity but missing a keyholder?

LockMyself.com was designed to meet the needs of chastity enthusiasts who lack a key part of the equation: A Keyholder.

All you need is a chastity device, a combination lock, and a desire to lose control. How much control you lose is up to you.

What kind of lock is required?

Glad you asked! Any combination lock will do, but most will use one that can have its combination set over and over again, like this one or this one.

Does this really work?

Short answer: Yes! Want to understand more about the process? Find out How it Works.

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